Manufacturer of the "Load Assist Block"®


The BARSCO LABs (Load Assist Blocks) are made tough from specially formulated poly-urethane foam. These 10" x 8" x 4.75" interlocking moulded blocks conform to the shape of the load allowing for a tighter and more stable tie down.

"LABs" are the solution to Federal Statute Part 393 pertaining to tie down of uneven loads.


The Load Assist Block (LAB) load stabilizer and protector is a TOOL – NOT a TOY. The Load Assist locks are tough, virtually indestructible and can last for years, they help stabilize and tighten uneven loads with their strong compressible and formfitting qualities... lessening the likelihood and dangers of loose loads shifting. They replace dangerous dunnage with something that won’t blow a tire, smash an axle, windshield, or worse... should one ever fall off the bed. The LABs are stackable to double or triple thickness, and due to the positive & negative dimpling top and bottom, resist any slippage once fully compressed. They help protect pre-fabricated finished goods from chain damage ... and securing straps from the sharp edge wearing of finished goods. The practical economics … saving costs of tickets and/or time lost having to rearrange loads in route … In short, the money saved by eliminating any one instance of the above problems would be sufficient to pay for many cases of Load Assist Block load stabilizer / protectors.

Here are a few notes for new users: 1) Don’t spread them too thin ... one trailer alone could use between 2 and 20+ blocks depending on the flat bed size, load configuration, and load adjustments during a delivery cycle. 2) It may sound self-serving, but drivers should not be afraid to use what may appear to be too many blocks when filling gaps in securing chain or strap contact with the load. Compression pressure is imperative – not just contact. 3) The Load Assist Blocks are made to withstand extreme pressures and should appear severely distorted when being used correctly, if they don’t look “squashed” they may not be fulfilling their purpose. The LABs will recover their original shape. Experience has shown that drivers, while sometimes resistant to previously untried solutions, have reacted very favorably once in use.