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Load Assist Block
10" x 8" x 4.75" Safety Yellow
UPC #897214 001011

Standard Case Pack: 18ea. LABs
UPC #897214 001018


"SIXER" (6 Blocks) $108.00   ($18.00 ea.)

CASE (18 Blocks per case)
1-4 CASES 310.50 17.25
5-9 CASES 301.50 16.75
10-14 CASES 292.50 16.25
15-19 CASES 283.50 15.75
20+ CASES 274.50 15.25

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Designed by shippers for shippers, the BARSCO LAB (Load Assist Block) provides a form fitting solution to problem of shifting loads, helping carriers meet the requirements of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Statutes Part 393 Subpart I (393.100- 393.136).... Protection Against Shifting and Falling Cargo.

Excerpt 393.100:
(b) Prevention against loss of load. Each commercial motor vehicle must, when transporting cargo on public roads, be loaded and equipped, and the cargo secured, in accordance with this subpart to prevent the cargo from leaking, spilling, blowing or falling from the motor vehicle.
(c) Prevention against shifting of load. Cargo must be contained, immobilized or secured in accordance with this subpart to prevent shifting upon or within the vehicle to such an extent that the vehicle's stability or maneuverability is adversely affected.

LABS also help save shippers money in costly down time in POE or Weigh Stations re-securing loads to conform to Federal Requirements.


BARSCO LABS are tough! They can handle all your straps & chains and provide a more stable tie down of the load.

View the LAB VIDEO to see Labs in action!